Lessons from Elf School

Iceland is home to an Elf School, where you will learn many interesting lessons about these mythical hidden people. One of the most important lessons: Never cross an elf.


They Had What She Was Having

Meg Ryan famously “faked it” in a scene from When Harry Met Sally. For this prank Improv Everywhere sent 20 women to the Katz’s Deli, where that iconic scene was filmed, to recreate the act all at once. This is NSFW, in a totally fake way.



This is a frozen McRib. Nope, never, not even once.


I Need to Get Out More

These landscapes are so gorgeous it’s hard to believe they actually exist.


Who Will Play Fezzik?

The Princess Bride will soon be turned into a stage play.


Don’t Be A Rube

Learn more about the origins of 10 great insults.