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Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English
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In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you missed.

1. 15 Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids, by Therese Oneill

2. The Bloody Benders, America's First Serial Killers, by Miss Cellania

3. MIT's Amazing New 3D Gizmo, by Chris Higgins

4. 11 Absurdly Awesome Inventions, by Lucas Reilly

5. 8 Video Game Hoaxes–Debunked!, by Rudie Obias

6. 15 Beautiful Objects We Don’t Use Anymore, by Therese Oneill

7. 15 Actors Brought Back to Play Different Roles on the Same Show, by Jennifer M. Wood

8. How Do Postal Workers Decipher Really Sloppy Handwriting?, by Lucas Reilly

9. 11 Words for People Who Hate Certain Things, by Amanda Green

10. Car-a-mel or Car-mel? 3 Reasons for Syllabically Ambiguous Words, by Arika Okrent