How to Become a LEGO Designer

Chris Higgins
YouTube / WSJDigitalNetwork
YouTube / WSJDigitalNetwork / YouTube / WSJDigitalNetwork

As a kid, I played with LEGO bricks and dreamed of submitting my own designs to the company. But it turns out that becoming a LEGO designer is actually really hard; here's a two-minute video showing the interview process. It involves testing.

Representative quote: "Imagine you had to build under the pressure of having your job depend on it. That's the reality for the 21 hopeful designers that have been selected to come to LEGO's annual recruitment workshop."

So who makes the cut? There's a whole YouTube playlist devoted to interviews with LEGO designers. Here's a sample, in which the designer shows off a $399 Star Wars model:

And believe it or not, there are extensive YouTube reviews of these things. Here's a fifteen-minute review of that Star Wars set. That's some serious building, folks. If you're serious about getting this job, here's an interview that explains the basic process.