This Is Art?

Well, I guess these things are, since they sold for huge amounts of money. But these are really stretching the limits of the definition. A few of them are slightly NSFW.


Reinventing Girls' Toys

GoldieBlox is a toy company devoted to girls' toys that go beyond the typical pink and purple princess dolls. For this video they built a really cool setup to turn a home into a “massive, magical contraption”.


Is This the Future?

Take a look at the Pentagon’s new 6’2” 330-pound robot. I need to get one of these. In fact, since these were paid for with tax money, I think everyone should get a turn to take one home for a weekend.


You’re Never Too Old to Be A Swinger

And I mean that in a totally wholesome way. If you haven’t been on one lately, it’s time you relive the joy of swings.


The Afterlife of A Streaker

So, you’ve made the terrible decision to illegally run across the field/court/diamond at a sporting event. Then what?


I Really Hate Snow…

But when it does arrive I will be out there trying to top these 15 awesome snowmen.