But Can It Make Schnozberry?

This electronic lollipop can simulate any flavor your wild imagination can dream up.


It’s Been 50 Years…

So, could a Presidential assassination ever happen again? Allow the experts to weigh in.


KONY 2013?

Or maybe KONY 2014? Reports have begun surfacing that Joseph Kony may be open to surrender.


The Man Who Buried Kennedy

What became of the man who dug and then re-dug JFK’s grave? And what happened to the coffin that carried Kennedy’s body from Texas to Washington on Air Force One? It was buried at sea.


Most of These Are Improvements

These defaced movie posters are great, and in some cases would probably be better than the original film.


This Look Is Not to Die For

The bulletproof vest has a long history. The newest innovation is this bulletproof vest built into a normal business suit.


When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object…

You call it one of these things. Check out the possible names for the upcoming Superman/Batman flick.