The Chemistry of Cookies

Chris Higgins
YouTube / TED-Ed
YouTube / TED-Ed / YouTube / TED-Ed

Have you ever wondered what chemical processes occur in the oven, as your cookies are baking? Of course you haven't, which is exactly why you'll find this video fascinating. It takes us through the journey from dough to delicious cookie, examining the changes that take place in the cookie along the way. At specific temperatures, the cookie is transformed in different ways, ultimately leading to a delicious morsel. Nom nom nom nom nom!

Warning: this video will make you want cookies, whether you bake them or not.

This video is actually part of a TED-Ed mini-course. If you've got kids around, you can use the free lesson to answer questions about the chemical processes and explore more resources. Personally, I'd just go find a cookie recipe and run my own "chemistry experiment."