That’s No Towel!!!

There aren’t a ton of Thanksgiving-themed movies, but there is one really good one. If you are a fan of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, you’ll enjoy this list.


Passive Bumper Stickers

This post is a great roundup of classic aggressive bumper stickers given a decidedly passive spin.


Think You Know What Goes Where?

This morning Miss C linked to a post about British people trying to fill in a blank U.S. state map. If you think you know where each state is, give this game a try. It allows you to try to drag each state into its correct place. (I put Maryland way too far to the north. I’m ashamed.)


That Sparkle In Your Eye

It’s not your kind, generous nature—it’s eyeball jewelry. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.


Did Sammy Davis Jr. Really Only Have One Eye?

Fact-checking and providing context to the two-decade-old references in Adam Sandler’s "Thanksgiving Song."


Monkey Pay Inequality Is A Huge Problem

Well, not really. But it does illustrate an interesting thing about humans.


Welcomed Ads

If all advertising was this clever I don’t think people would really mind.