The Real Walter White

YouTube / VICE
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A man named Walter White lives in Bessemer, Alabama. He's a former meth cook, and recently completed a rehab program. Years before Breaking Bad debuted featuring a fictional Walter White, the real one was cooking up meth in the south. Dude even has a Cranston-esque bushy mustache, though he was never a high school teacher. Below is a fifteen-minute documentary on the man, courtesy of Vice. (The name thing is just a coincidence, though that's not discussed explicitly in the film.)

Here's a snippet I found interesting:

Gianna Toboni (Interviewer): "Walter wasn't a low-level meth cook. He knew what he was doing." Rev. Micah Andrews: "He knew very much what he was doing. In fact, if you can classify as a 'high-ranking' meth cook, he'd be up there. He may even be a meth chef, because he was just good at it!"

This documentary is interesting to me because it shows the reality of the meth business, rather than the TV version. The real Walter White has bad teeth, his friends are in prison, and he struggles with drug addiction. Have a look: