4 Coffee Hacks That Actually Work

Emily Petsko
YouTube / YouTube

Unlike our British counterparts across the pond, it's coffee—not tea—that primarily fuels our offices and homes. But how much do you really know about the beloved beverage? In the latest episode of Scatterbrained, John Green and his co-hosts break down everything that can be gleaned from the history of the bean, including the origin of words like "frappuccino" and "latte," caffeine's effect on memory, and the surprising reason why the arrival of coffee triggered a "dawn of sobriety" in England. (No, sadly Americans can't claim coffee as our national drink.)

The Scatterbrained team even tests out some coffee life hacks to find out if they live up to their claims. Perhaps you can't grind coffee beans with a mortar and pestle like some bloggers claim, but would you really want to, anyway?

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