The Secret to Getting Extra-Soft Towels at Home

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One of the greatest simple pleasures in life is stepping out of the shower, grabbing a freshly laundered towel, and sinking your face into its fluffy softness. But what if your towels are a tad rougher than you'd prefer? By making a few minor changes to your washing and drying routine, you can have perfect, pillowy towels at your fingertips.

In general, less is more seems to be the rule of thumb. Pop Sugar recommends ditching the dryer sheets and bleach, and using less detergent when possible. The chemicals in fabric softeners can actually damage towel fibers over time, making them stiffer and less absorbent. Instead, try placing a clean tennis ball or wool dryer balls in with the load to give your towels a thorough fluffing. But for those who can't bear to part with their softener, leaving it out every few washes will also help extend the lifespan of towels. Also, try to avoid over-drying them—remove towels from the machine before every last drop of moisture has been sucked out.

As for detergent, many people are guilty of dumping in more than the recommended amount, which can also stiffen towels. Real Simple suggests using half the detergent you would use for a normal load, or swapping it out for vinegar every once in a while. Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to four-star-hotel-quality towels in no time.

[h/t Pop Sugar]