Worst _________ Ever

If you’re a big enough fan of The Simpsons that your mind instantly filled in the blank above, then you’ll probably excel at this hangman-style quote quiz.


The Year’s Most Fantastic Flicks

Check out this cool video montage of the best 25 films of 2013.


Sex Is Like Pizza

Ever heard that old bon mot? Well it’s not true if you’re referring to these nominees for the Bad Sex Award. These are NSFW and extremely cringe-inducing.


Good With A Rubik’s Cube?

What about if it’s the size of a building?


Cue Dr. Evil

These abandoned sites would make a great secret hideout for a dastardly villain of some sort.


Speaking of Alabama

You’ve probably seen what happened at the end of Saturday night’s Alabama-Auburn Iron Bowl game. But you haven’t really seen anything until you’ve seen this supercut of fan reactions.