Not Even On A Triple Dog Dare

There isn’t a type of dare that’s been invented that could get me to put my tongue on any part of a NYC subway car. But this kid did, as a reenactment of the famous stuck tongue scene in A Christmas Story.


He’s Right. I Can’t Believe It.

Bill Murray is like some sort of Celebrity Sasquatch. He supposedly appears before odd subsets of people, who swear he was there and can describe exactly what he looked like and what he did. Here’s what a night with him is (supposedly) like.


That Thomas Edison, What A Failure

I mean, besides the light bulb, the phonograph and the movie camera, what did that guy ever do right? Not these things.


The Bestest

Check out the best TV moments of 2013, the best comedy albums of 2013, the top 10 Lifehacker lists of 2013 and, hell, the top 10 everything of 2013.


For the Rest of Us

There’s a Festivus Google trick. Go try it or else you'll hear about it in the Airing of Grievances.


Hysterical Strength?

Fact or fiction?