80 Years Ago Today: The Booze Was Flowing

Prohibition ended eight decades ago. Here are 80 reasons why drinking is great.


Canada Must be A Great Place to Live

It’s so great that you can win $47 million and then just not care. And then the police will find you and let you know.


They Should Have Used My College Roommate’s Feet

Those smelled just like cheese. Instead they made this cheese out of someone’s belly button bacteria. Bon appetit!


Science Explains: The Ultimate Tongue Twister

She sells sea shells? Big deal. Unique New York? Piece of cake. Those are nothing in comparison to this, the hardest tongue twister ever.


Gifts Like Sweet Music

Give the music lover in your life one of these things and they’ll be singing your praises.


On the Web

The trailer for the new Spider-Man movie has now hit the web. Get it? Web! Okay, just watch.


Well, It Is A Really Cool TV

Cool enough to sell your daughter off into a life of servitude? Probably not. But it’s still cool.