Talking With the Kids

If you were a fan of The Kids in the Hall, you will enjoy this oral history.

Wanna see one of my favorite Kids sketches ever? Will do.


He Lives On Through His Words

Be moved by 12 pieces of wisdom from the late Nelson Mandela.


The Critics Are Alive...

With the sound of whining. So, a lot of people don’t like Maria von Trapp with a Southern drawl. This rundown of what went right and what went wrong is pretty amusing.


Gifts for the Explorer In Your Life

Anyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for danger will love these things.


Are You A '90s Movies Expert?

Prove it with this GIF quiz. I missed one and I swear I misclicked it. Honest!


Wrap Your Brain Around This

There’s a brand new Reddit page with a stated mission to “Help people achieve mental clarity.” Sounds like a good pursuit. And, while it’s not affiliated with us, we do dig the name. You’ll definitely find some interesting and thought-provoking stuff posted there.


Caveat Emptor

When you’re paying $750 for an Xbox One on eBay, be sure that what you’re buying is not just a PICTURE of an Xbox One.