The Stories and Scandals of Hollywood's Classic Actresses

Emily Petsko
Youtube / Youtube

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best,” Marilyn Monroe once famously quipped. Except she didn’t. As the hosts of Scatterbrained reveal in their latest episode about classic Hollywood starlets, many myths about this beloved blonde bombshell still abound.

In addition to setting the record straight once and for all, the Scatterbrained team dug up some surprising stories about Tinseltown’s leading ladies from the ‘20s up to the ‘60s. In this episode, you’ll learn why Mae West was jailed for lewdness, which famous literary role Audrey Hepburn almost landed, why Elizabeth Taylor hated being called Liz, and the personal favor that John F. Kennedy asked of Judy Garland.

Plus, the tale of how Clara Bow was blackmailed by her hair dresser-turned-personal assistant might make you rethink the details you divulge while getting your bi-monthly trim.

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