If you've been looking for the right suit of medieval armor to tie your home's decor together, you're going to want to check out this auction from Hermann Historica. At the German auction house's event this May, bidders will find weapons, hunting gear, and military equipment dating back to the 5th century BCE.

One of the oldest items hitting the auction block is an Illyrian bronze helmet which originated in northern Greece close to 2400 years ago. The piece, which was crafted from a single piece of metal, has retained its shape over the centuries. Hermann Historica is asking for a starting bid of $14,500 for the object.

The auction will include weapons of historical significance, like a Russian sword from 1844, with a starting price of $18,000, which was given to Prince George of Hesse-Darmstadt by Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. A German sword from the 17th century ($17,000) and a pair of 18th-century pistols from the armory of the Czech Prince of Lobkowitz ($72,600) are also up for bid.

The most impressive example of medieval craftsmanship going up for auction may be a suit of tournament armor made in Germany in the 16th century. According to a press release, every detail of the armor was carefully thought out, artfully finished, and designed to provide the best protection for the wearer. For a chance at taking home that piece, bidders must be willing to part with at least $30,000.

The auction will kick off on May 1 in Munich and continue through May 11. History fans looking to appreciate the artifacts without taking them home can visit the auction house's public exhibition on April 30 and May 7.

Late Illyrian bronze helmet from 5th to early 4th century BCE.

A German sword from the early 17th century.

Two 18th-century flintlock pistols from the armory of the Prince of Lobkowitz.

All images: Hermann Historica