The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Woman Glued to Toilet

Illyanna De Lak Keur went to use the toilet at the Home Depot store in Banks County, Georgia, not knowing that someone had covered the seat with Loctite glue. Paramedics were called to help her, and spent 17 minutes removing her from the seat using WD-40.

But, the injuries remain. De Lak Keur says she's been forced to stay on her couch, unable to move because of the wounds and injuries to her back. "I would just like to be able to get up and be normal. I don't want people to have to wait on me like I'm an invalid, because I'm not," she said. "All through it, I just felt bad for her because I knew she was going to be embarrassed more than anything," said Anthony Canino, De Lak Keur's brother-in-law, who along with De Lak Keur's sister, Aleera Canino, continue to care for her and took the video of the rescue. All three question why paramedics separated her from the seat on scene, instead of at a hospital. They worry the removal process caused more harm than good.

De Lak Keur is recovering from her injuries at home. The Banks County Sheriff's department is studying surveillance video to determine who is behind the prank.

The Unintelligible Sign Language Interpreter

Deaf viewers around the world were astonished to see a sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service in South Africa who apparently did not know what he was doing. Sign language experts could not discern any meaning from his gesticulations. Later, 34-year-old Thamsanqa Jantjie explained that he was suffering a schizophrenic episode during the service. Further investigation found that Jantjie had violent episodes in his past. The revelation caused concern among officials, as Jantjie was on stage with many world leaders. Organizers of the event said that Jantjie was recruited from a school for the deaf, but admitted that he apparently did not know English.

Truck Encased in Concrete Driveway

A dispute between a building owner and a car dealer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has led to a pickup truck becoming encased in concrete. The building owner ordered the paving, while the man responsible for the vehicle refused to move it. The car dealer claims that the area is a public street, and the building owner has no control over it. The building owner disagreed, and had the construction company pave the driveway on Wednesday while the vehicle sat there in the middle of it. The next words were about a lawsuit.

Pants on Fire

When you're stealing gasoline, use some common sense and don't light a cigarette. An unnamed 26-year-old man was arrested in Millicent, South Australia, after he allegedly punched a hole in a car's gas tank to steal the gasoline. The problem was that he decided it was a good time to have a smoke, which caused the gasoline fumes to ignite. The explosion drew emergency crews, and police found the man without pants in the neighborhood with burns on his legs. Other cars at the car park were burned, with the damage estimated at about $100,000. A surveillance video shows the perpetrator catching himself on fire.

Thieves Steal Crop from Convent

Who would steal vegetables from nuns? Someone snuck into the the Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre in Wicklow, Ireland, and stole an entire field of Brussels sprouts right out of the ground. Sister Julie Newman believes they will be sold for a high price as organic holiday fare. The sprouts, valued at around €300, were ready for harvest after two years of growth. Newman regrets the monetary loss less than the loss of time and effort the nuns put into growing the biennial crop. Whatever you think of Brussels sprouts, they are traditional for Christmas dinner in parts of Europe.

Snake Bites Man's, um, Snake

Kwabena Nkrumah was sitting in a public toilet in Ghana when he felt a sharp pain at the end of his penis. A snake had emerged from the toilet and bit him!

Nkrumah claims the serpent emerged from inside the toilet and bit down on the tip of his manhood. His piercing screams of “snake, snake, snake” led to a mass panic in the public toilet with men fleeing in all directions, reports Mr Nkrumah was rushed to hospital after he started shivering and feeling dizzy. He has since been discharged.

A test at the hospital determined that the snake was not venomous, but it will be some time before Nkrumah returns to the public toilet.