Making the "Twin Peaks" Love Theme

Chris Higgins
YouTube / dexsst5
YouTube / dexsst5 / YouTube / dexsst5

When composer Angelo Badalamenti wrote the music for Twin Peaks, he was guided by director David Lynch. But that process was more like a guided meditation than the typical "let's put something dark here" notes a composer might get. In this clip, Badalamenti recalls exactly how Lynch talked him through the creation of the "Love Theme" from Twin Peaks. If you've seen the show but have not seen this clip, seriously, just block out five minutes and enjoy.

"Okay, Angelo, we're in a dark woods now, and there's a soft wind blowing through some sycamore trees...."

If you want to play it yourself, here's a tutorial:

If you like that, you'll love the show's soundtrack, which won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental. Also essential is (at least) the first Julee Cruise album Floating Into The Night, with music by Badalamenti, lyrics by Lynch, and vocals by Cruise. It's on permanent rotation in my Red Room.