Crazy Quiet

Next time my sons are screaming at the top of their lungs, I will just sit back and thank them for keeping me sane. This room is so quiet that you can hear your own heart beating.


Everyday Deadly

These foods are very common and seemingly quite benign, but each of them can also kill you. It turns out an apple can kill you, even if it wasn’t given to you by an evil Queen.


The Internet Has Everything

You can even buy a completely fake employment history.


Clubber Lan-Go

I wish these 1980s LEGO figures were real.


RIP: My Productivity

This iPad game looks extremely addictive. I must find out for sure.


Fred Flintstone Wouldn’t Lie To Me

A new study says that multivitamins are pretty much useless.


Holy Awesome Tagging, Batman

Check out the incredible Dark Knight-themed graffiti inside this vacant building in Belgium.


Give Credit Where Credit’s Due

Shia LeBeouf has admitted to ripping off the idea for his new short film from a very well known graphic artist. And he may have plagiarized his apology, too. What the...?

Here are four famous cases of plagiarism and the some famous comedians accused of stealing material.