Right now, things are pretty good at mentalfloss.com. With a crafty team of editors and a stable of awesome freelancers, we're sending 12-15 stories out into the world each day. More than 8 million people stopped by last month, and another million folks check out our weekly YouTube videos. This year we won a Webby Award. TIME named us one of the 50 Best Websites. And Mashable put @mental_floss #1 on their list of 25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter. On really good days we get ice cream cake.

But we can do better. 25 stories a day! 20 million visitors! Ice cream cakes daily!

That's where you come in. We're creating three new positions for amazing thinkers who will knock our collective socks off while working in our New York office. 

Deputy Digital Editor

We're looking for a rabidly curious grammar freak to dream up great stories and edit other people's work. You can write about almost anything, and you will. Why Paraguay loves Rutherford B. Hayes. What people did for fun in the 16th century. Why the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were so obsessed with pizza. Chaucer. Mini-golf. Drones. Nachos. Nachos again because the topic is too expansive for a single post.

Primary responsibilities will include conceiving and assigning story ideas that fit mental_floss's smart, quirky voice and positive tone, editing work from freelancers and staff writers, and generally elevating mentalfloss.com.

But because we're a small editorial team, you'll wear many hats. You may be asked to help with video scripts and board games and event planning and new apps. It's not just because you're new. Our head of business development proofreads our newsletter each morning. When we have parties, we do the decorating. Our co-founders will be looking over your applications. Everyone does a little of everything.

Candidates should have:

- At least two years experience writing, assigning, and editing
- Strong research and reporting skills
- Ability to nurture writers with constructive feedback
- Natural curiosity and the ability to generate tons of story ideas (this one should probably be higher)
- Ability to collaborate with a small team
- Knowledge of social media platforms and analytics
- Experience with Drupal and Photoshop a plus
- We should mention that editing part again

Staff Writers

We're also looking to add two staff writers to help us bring our readers even more wonderful stories. Primary responsibilities will include writing 2-3 posts for publication on the site each day, overseeing our daily Watercooler Ammo editorial newsletter, and assisting with custom content for our advertising partners. You'll also be pulled in on video scripts and special projects. At least we think they're special. OK, we haven't come up with said special projects yet. But they're coming! Additionally, there are often cookies in our office, so if you could pitch in on eating those, that would be a huge help to everyone.

For this position, prior experience is not as crucial as strong writing skills and the ability to manage time and hit deadlines. We're less worried about experience and more about finding people with the right blend of work ethic and intellectual curiosity to dig up amazing stories.

Ideal candidates will have:

- Energetic, positive written voice
- Strong research and reporting skills
- Ability to translate complicated concepts into accessible writing
- Ability to conceive, pitch, and execute timely stories on tight deadlines
- Ability to generate large volumes of story ideas
- Ability to work and collaborate with a small team
- Knowledge of social media platforms and analytics
- Willingness to take ownership of projects
- Experience with Drupal and Photoshop a plus

Do either of those jobs sound like you? Then this is your chance to get in with fun people who love what they do, hate drama, and really want to take this to another level. We are also part of the Dennis family of publications so we offer benefits like health, dental, and vision insurance, gym deals, and other goodies.

How to Apply

To toss your hat in the ring, email jobs@mentalfloss.com with the following:

- Your resume and cover letter
- Links to three stories you've written that you're really proud of
- A 140-character summary that convinces us you're the perfect fit for the job (or just something insanely interesting that will stick with us)

Note that these positions are in our New York office. Good luck!