They Just Play With the Box Anyway

Why buy a kid a giant Christmas gift when they’ll just have more fun playing in the box? Now you can just buy a $500 cardboard box.


Mascot Matchups

Even if you aren’t a football fan you’ll probably be a fan of these matchup illustrations created by a Pixar animator.


Now There’s An Idea

CNN presents its list of 10 great ideas. How many of these do you think would work?


Journalism Is A Joke...

In these films, at least. But I’ll fight anyone that says that Irwin M. Fletcher wasn’t a fabulous reporter.


It Turns Out Winning Millions Isn’t So Bad

There’s a common perception that some people have that winning a ginormous lottery can actually ruin your life. But is that true?


Something to Talk About

All this week Vulture has been posting abbreviated oral histories of delightful pop culture kernels. I hope they keep this up.


The Most Autumn-ish Comfort Food Ever

Someone please make this for me. I’ll be under four blankets on the couch.