All the Yule Logs You Can Stream

Chris Higgins
YouTube / vistavuelounge / WPIX
YouTube / vistavuelounge / WPIX / YouTube / vistavuelounge / WPIX

The televised yule log is a Christmas tradition dating to 1966. These days, we've got streaming video for that sort of thing. Tune in, zone out!

WPIX Yule Log, 1983

The original WPIX-New York yule log, in lovely early-80s style:

Just a Nice Roaring Fire

An hour of nice crackling cozy goodness.

2-Hour Yule Log, 720p

Just what it says on the tin.

5-Hour Yule Log, 1080p

You probably want to turn off annotations (click "gear" icon, click "OFF") to get rid of the silly popup. But, wow, five hours!

Yule Log on Netflix

If you have Netflix, you've got yule, baby.

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