Use Your Old Buddy the Internet…

To take a trip down memory lane to when the Internet was new and still mindblowing.


And Before the Internet There Was…

The much slower communication medium known as the message in a bottle. You remember, Sting sang about them once. He hopes you got that. Anyways, a bottled letter tossed into the sea 54 years ago has just been found.


I Know You’re Not Supposed To Do This…

But if you judge just by the covers these books are great.


For Those With A Fake Deathwish

Here’s a helpful guide to faking your death. And here are 11 people who read their own obituaries.


I Give This A 10

Ever wondered how Nielsen ratings work? This article explains that, and why they will always be wrong.


2014 on TV

It’s obviously a bit premature to do a best of 2014 television list. But I bet 12 months from now, when people do write that list, these 10 moments will be on there.


Pop Culture Resolutions

If these New Year’s resolutions were adopted, our pop culture lives would be greatly improved.