It’s the Offspring of Necessity

That’s what they say about invention. But these might prove that wrong.


Down With Satire

If you rejoiced last night about returning to Downton Abbey, then you should also revisit these eight amusing parodies.


Make Your Place Amazing

Does your home have an under-the-stairs reading nook? What about magnetic walls? Or an aerial cargo net? Looks like you’ve got some work to do.


Forward in '14

These TED Talks will help you hit the ground running this year.


This Gives New Meaning to the Word "Underground"

How do drugs get across the US border? Sure, they’re snuck through on trucks or flown in. But they may also be brought in through these crude underground tunnels.


Awwww C’Mon Guys

A Cracked writer created a fake woman on a dating site and gave her the worst, most hideous personality she could come up with. But she was pretty, so guess what happened. NSFW


Let the Games Continue

I previously posted a link to Time’s History of Video Game Consoles: Part One. Here now are parts Two and Three.