The Future Is Now

Well, not now. But at least BBC Future is telling you what will happen 150 years from now, and way, way beyond that.


But the Present Is Good Too

The great John Green shares a series of uplifting, fact-checked trivia to make you feel great about 2014.


Video Games + Choose Your Own Adventure = Daylight

How are we just now thinking of this? This video game changes every time you play it. No more memorizing the path.


Listen Up

Hear the tale of the family that went 40+ years without any contact with other humans.


I Want My Children to Play Music

But do I want to give them a pill to make them do it? Not really.


What Got Kicked

And how they started. Here’s a recap of the year in crowd-funding.


Today’s Grab Bag Link

Oooohhhh, the mystery.