What Do We Know About Death?

We may not have a firm grasp on the whole death thing because, after all, it’s mighty difficult to interview anyone that’s ever experienced it.


So You’re Trying To Tell Me…

That firing a gun into the ground would cause a car to launch into the air? Well I find that hard to believe. These gifs of the most absurd Bollywood stunts are highly entertaining, whether they’re realistic or not.


“When I Was A Kid We Had to Hold Our Technology In Our Hands”

Is this the tale you’ll be telling decades from now?


The Netflix Best List

Here is a ranking of the 25 best TV series available to stream on Netflix. You KNEW that would be #1.


May the West Side Be With You

Did Tupac really audition for a Star Wars movie?


The Cold Never Bothered Them Anyways

Any parent of a small child probably gets that reference.


Today’s Grab Bag Link

How could you resist the allure?