An Eerie Tour of China's Abandoned Disneyland Knockoff

Jason English
DAVID GRAY/Reuters/Landov
DAVID GRAY/Reuters/Landov / DAVID GRAY/Reuters/Landov

There were big plans for Wonderland, a Disney-esque park outside of Beijing. It was supposed to be the biggest amusement park in Asia. But construction stopped in 1998, and the castle and other structures sat empty for years.

Catherine Hyland visited the site in 2011 and made this video tour. If you're not a fan of creepy music, she also took lots of photographs. "We are left looking at the cusp of an unrealised plan and as a result a far more interesting object," Hyland explained in 2011.


You shouldn't go planning your own trip to Wonderland, unfortunately. The abandoned amusement park was razed in 2013. A "comprehensive luxury product supermarket" will be built on the site eventually, reported China Daily.

And if that doesn't work, photos of an abandoned comprehensive luxury product supermarket would probably be cool, too.

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