Really Psychotic

A lot of movies feature psychotic characters. but not all of them are realistic. Let a Forensic Psychiatrist tell you who nailed it and who was way off.


Speaking of Which…

Here are all of your favorite childhood characters reimagined as psychopaths. Because why not?


A Big Problem

When a whale ends up dead on a beach, what happens next? As you’d imagine, removing it can be quite a process.


If You’re Inspired

If yesterday’s John Green Day festivities here at mental_floss have you inspired to start writing that book you’ve been planning for too long, take a look at the wise words of 12 authors that you should remember as you start your masterpiece.


Here’s Something New

The Oscar nominations came out today and it’s really refreshing to see unknowns like Judi Dench and Meryl Streep get nominated


The Old Switcheroo

This body switch prank is beautifully executed. Thanks to this Imgur post for pointing it out.


Today’s Grab Bag Link

The most random (and wonderful?) one yet.