You Shouldn’t Vandalize Textbooks

But if you’re going to, do it in a really awesome way.


A Movie Is Not A Movie…

Unless you watch it in one of these insane home theatres


And If You Own the Indiana Jones Home Theatre…

You probably have plenty of ideas about what Disney should do with that franchise. Here are some thoughts on that.


I Guess It’s Not An Honor Just to be Nominated

Grammy schmammy. Emmy schmemy. Not everyone is so impressed with entertainment awards. Here are some entertaining award show insults from pop culture.


Listen Up: Why Aren’t There Many MLK Movies?

You’d think his story would be perfect for the big screen.


Now This Is Junk Mail

Getting junk mail is annoying enough. Getting junk mail that references your daughter’s passing is just unthinkably awful. It’s really terrible to realize that deeply personal events are captured like a data point in a spreadsheet.


Today’s Grab Bag Link

This is a good one.