New Snap and Search Tool Will Find a Lookalike of Your Dream Home

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Do you have a Pinterest board full of pictures of beautiful houses to keep you inspired during the search for your dream home? Or maybe there's one amazing house in your neighborhood that you drool over every time you pass by. If you can't have the real thing, you can at least have something that looks like it.

Real estate portal just released a Snap & Search function that allows you to upload photos of the gorgeous farmhouses you covet and let an algorithm find you something with a similar architectural style and building materials that is actually on the market, and at a price you can afford. The tool, which is in beta for now, pulls from millions of properties on that you can buy or rent. You can upload photos of anything: Buckingham Palace, Monticello, a celebrity's California mansion, or even a castle.

This new tool is part of a revamp of that includes match scores on your search results and notes and messaging capability. See how Snap & Search works at the :57 mark in the video below: