I Should Stop Complaining About the Winter

At least I’ve never been around when part of Halley’s Comet snapped off, fell to Earth and caused winter to last for a decade. That sounds like science fiction, but it might have actually happened.


Why You Should Adore Your Mother-In-Law

Because she’s not one of these people. And you thought you had a hard time getting through a holiday meal.


I Thought I Was In This?

It must be weird to spend months making a film and then when you actually get to see the finished product you realize it is nothing like what you thought it was.


Not Your Everyday Internet Cat Content

As this article explains, the weirdest film at Sundance this year features a plot about:

A psychopathically cheery factory employee who heads home every evening to speak to his cat and dog, who continually debate whether he should kill more women. (The cat is for it, the dog not.)


The Destruction of Smaug

Because he destroyed this book. But, still, it’s pretty cool.


No Estate Is Complete…

Without an underwater ballroom.