What’s With the Helmets

There was and will continue to be all kind of analysis on the fashions worn to last night’s Grammy awards. But I think it goes without saying that Daft Punk had the best outfits of all. So, what’s the deal with the helmets?


Phony Pigskin

It’s Super Bowl week. So let’s look at AV Club’s rundown on 17 really ridiculous depictions of football on the silver screen.


Watch Closely

If you pay really, really close attention to these shows you will be rewarded by noticing amazing hidden gems.


Ping Pong Pandemonium

Really, really good table tennis players are entertaining to watch anyways. So when these players start horsing around (near the 7:30 mark) it gets really outstanding


Mock the Vote

You should always vote—even if it just means giving yours to one of these highly suspect and borderline insane candidates.


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