4 Music Videos Without the Music

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Mitchell Delisle
YouTube / Mitchell Delisle / YouTube / Mitchell Delisle

Here's some goofy fun: Mario Wienerroither creates "music-less" music videos. He deletes the band tracks, cuts the video down to the most awkward minute, then dubs in his own audio of what you see onscreen (occasionally including some actual vocals). It makes what was otherwise an awesome video completely absurd. Enjoy:

1. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana

You can hear the cheerleaders. And that janitor. The coughing at 1:05 really makes it.

2. "Firestarter" - The Prodigy

I remember being pretty freaked out by this sneezing clown twenty-ish years ago.

3. "Virtual Insanity" - Jamiroquai

Amazingly awkward. It helps to be familiar with the original, of course.

4. "I Want to Break Free" - Queen

Just another day vacuuming the house. Man, I miss Freddie Mercury.