If You’re Going to Be A Super Villain…

Make sure you have a really great secret lair. If you want to size a few up, this graphic does just that. Oh, and it also helps if you’re British.



Need help getting into the rapidly approaching Olympics? Here are 12 American athletes you should keep your eye on.


This Is Earth

These places actually exist. I really need to move.


Drones Everywhere: At the Beach

One day the lifeguards at the beach could be replaced by a flying drone version that drops life preservers on struggling swimmers.


Today I Learned on Reddit’s Today I Learned

Crows are rather clever.


Cue the Soft Music

Because Danny Tanner, Uncle “Cut It Out” Joey and Uncle “Have Mercy” Jesse got back together to help out a worried Jimmy Fallon.


Today’s Grab Bag Link

This is pretty sweet.