The Boss Talks

Lorne Michaels, the head honcho of SNL, gave a pretty interesting interview where he shared about the worst host ever and some interesting characteristics about the show’s cast.


Those Lego Blockheads

They just got put in their place by a 7-year old girl.


Meet the Beatles

And, even better, see what they looked like backstage at The Ed Sullivan Show.


There’s Just Something About 2015

Big Back to the Future things always happen in that year. It’s not a hoverboard, but this musical sounds cool, too.


Lost In Translation

Converting something from one language to another isn’t always a 1-to-1 process. Sometimes things get thrown off a bit and really bad things ensue.


Dead On Their Feet

Two different deceased individuals, who wished to have their bodies posed upright, got their final wish recently. One was posed in a boxing ring and the other was driven through town on his Harley. (Warning: Links contain pictures of the deceased.)


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