The Business of Wordplay

These pun-filled business names are so bad that they’re kind of great.


How Much Would Ron Swanson Hate You?

Find out now. He would apparently loathe me.


People Can’t Let it Go

One of the great pastimes of the interwebs these days is constructing alternate universe versions of Frozen.


Pulling No Punchlines

Check out this list of the 10 people that Jay Leno made the most jokes about in his two-plus decades on The Tonight Show. If you’ve ever seen his show you can probably guess most of these. But the number of times he’s gone back to the well is amazing to see.


The Path to Creative Excellence

Allow these two skillfully-animated Ira Glass videos to show you the way.


You’re Not Helping

McDonald’s released a video of their chicken nugget creation process to disprove the famous pink slime. So watch it and see that it is grey slime. So there.