Dogfish Head's New Beer Packaging Doubles as a Cooler

Dogfish Head
Dogfish Head / Dogfish Head

The coolest part of Dogfish Head’s latest beer release isn’t the brew itself—it’s the box. The brewery’s Off-Center Your Summer Pack, a variety pack of canned ales, comes in a new, water-resistant box that you can use as a cooler.

The box is made of wet-strength paperboard—a type of packaging engineered to withstand moisture—and is designed to hold ice and water for six hours without ripping or collapsing. The design of the perforations in the cardboard allows you to rip off a portion of the top of the box, then open up the remaining flaps to make the package even taller, giving you more room for ice.

You can watch how it works in the demonstration video below:

It’s a clever design that takes something that would otherwise be trash (well, recycling, hopefully) and puts it to good use, albeit temporarily. The 12-pack features cans of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA, Lupu-Luau IPA, the sour SeaQuench Ale, and the Belgian-style Namaste White. Oh, and each box comes with a koozie, because you don't want your hand to get as cold as your beer is going to be.