The Best-Reviewed Grill on Amazon Costs Less Than $150

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So you need a new grill. Whether your old trusty companion finally heaved its last smoky breath, or you're ready to graduate from a George Foreman contraption, you'll find thousands of options online. Perhaps too many options. Most grills aren’t cheap, either, with some premium models selling for thousands of dollars.

However, with a 4.3-star rating on Amazon and a $135 starting price tag, Coleman’s RoadTrip LXE propane grill appears to be the crowd favorite this summer. The compact unit collapses like an ironing board, making it perfect for camping and tailgating. It’s fairly lightweight at 44 pounds, and a handle and wheels on the bottom make it easy to transport.

Its dual burners let you grill items on either side at different temperatures (surf and turf, anyone?). The cast-iron grill grates can also be swapped out for a stove grate or—if you have a hankering for pancakes—a griddle. (Both of these cooktops are sold separately.)

The grill lights with the touch of a button, and two tables can be pulled out on either side to hold your tongs or spices (and probably your phone, too). The grill comes in a few different colors, with blue, green, and purple being the cheapest options. If you’re ready to get your grill on, the RoadTrip LXE can be ordered on Amazon.