The Manhattan Olympics

These graphics drop the Winter Olympics events into the middle of the Big Apple to show their size. The bobsled course winding through the skyscrapers is great. Let’s make that happen. In the summer you can convert it to a water slide. You’re welcome.


Autocomplete Illustrated

College Humor illustrated some really ridiculous Google autocompletes to show just what they look like. They look absurd. What the heck are people out there searching?


From Games Past

Check out this great collection of shots from Winter Olympic games of the past.


The Real Monuments Men

The new film is based on real events. Here’s what actually happened.


How to End the World

There were three ways, according to the year 1962.


To Fill the Football-Sized Gap in Your Heart

Here are the NFL logos reimagined with a metal edge. And if you’re interested, here are the teams with a Star Wars twist. Because why not?


More Please

Here are a bunch of book and movie sequels you probably didn’t know existed.