The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Angie Kaleskas
Angie Kaleskas / Angie Kaleskas

Play It Where It Lies

Yes, a golf ball landed on an alligator. Golfers at Myakka Pines golf course in Englewood, Florida, saw an alligator with a golf ball on its head. At first, it was a mystery as to how the ball got there. If a golf shot had landed on the gator, the golfer apparently took advantage of club rules that allow a free drop. You have to wonder if the rules specifically state the circumstance of a ball landing on an alligator. Some speculated that someone had placed it there, but that seems a bit far-fetched. Later, a it was discovered that golfer Al Lancaster had earlier thrown a ball at the gator, and it stuck between the ridges of the reptile’s head.

Sleepwalking Statue Scares Students at Wellesley

An art exhibit by sculptor Tony Matelli at Wellesley College in Massachusetts includes an outdoor installation of a man walking in only his underpants. The statue, called Sleepwalker, is life-size and very realistic, and it was placed in a high-traffic area of the campus. As soon as it was installed on February 3rd, students and motorists were alarmed, then angry. A petition to remove the statue has been circulated. Davis Museum director Lisa Fischman said the artwork was designed to evoke a response and provoke dialogue. The exhibition, Tony Matelli: New Gravity is scheduled to remain through spring.

Don’t Carjack in a Garage

An unnamed woman in Chicago became the victim of a carjacking Saturday when a man approached her and demanded the keys to her 2012 Honda MDX. The victim complied and then fled, but since the car was still in her garage, she closed the garage door as soon as she got outside! The carjacker was trapped until police arrived.

Andre Bacon, 21, of the 11300 block of South Harvard Avenue, faces felony attempted vehicle hijacking and theft charges in connection to the botched carjacking Saturday in the Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side, according to court records.

Bacon is being held on $75,000 bail.

Cat Came Home in a Bear Trap

A cat in Royal Oaks, California, came home dragging an illegal bear trap he triggered. Scruffy’s right front paw was trapped, but he made it as far as the family’s driveway before he was found and taken to a veterinary clinic. Veterinarian Dave Carroll and a nurse removed the trap. Carroll said that if a person had stepped on the trap, it would have broken an ankle.

Most animals, wild and domestic, who step in traps usually don't survive. Carroll credited Scruffy's scrappy spirit for helping him drag the trap all the way back to his house so that he could be found. East Lake Animal Clinic is caring for Scruffy free of charge. The SPCA is investigating the case and attempting to find out who is responsible for setting up the illegal trap. On Friday veterinarian Elizabeth Martin said the cat was in good spirits and recovering well.

Scruffy’s paw may have to amputated, but his difficult journey home saved his life.

Florida Man Burns Down Apartment Building Out of Anger

Kenneth Haskins of Tampa, Florida, was arrested on charges of arson after he torched his apartment building. Haskins admitted setting the fire in revenge against the building management. A building manager recently told Haskins to stop masturbating in front of his open window. No one was injured in the fire, but four apartments were heavily damaged. Be aware that Haskins’ mug shot may be disturbing, because he was disfigured a few years ago when he shot himself in the face.

Deaf Composer is Neither Composer nor Deaf

Mamoru Samuragochi was known as “the Japanese Beethoven,” for his acclaimed classical compositions written despite his hearing loss. He’s been lauded for his works for over twenty years, but now has admitted that he didn’t write the music he produced after his hearing began to fail in 1990. They were actually written by Takashi Niigaki, who Samuragochi hired to compose music. Niigaki came forward about the deception when Japanese figure skater Daisuke Takahashi was announced to have selected Samuragochi’s “Sonatina for Violin” as his skating routine music for the Olympics. Adding to the scandal, Niigaki said that Samuragochi isn’t even deaf. The news has rocked the classical music community in Japan.