Halloween Fans Have Created a Shot-for-Shot Remake of the John Carpenter Classic

Jennifer M Wood
TNT Media
TNT Media / TNT Media

Bummed that you have to wait more than three months to see if David Gordon Green’s reimagining of Halloween lives up to all the hype? Fans of the John Carpenter classic have reason to be excited about yet another new horror project: As Bloody Disgusting reports, filmmakers Michael T. Lombardi and Nils Toledo, Jr. have assembled a shot-for-shot remake of several key scenes from the original film, which they’ll release on July 20.

In order to create this homage, Lombardi and Toledo cast lookalike actors, duplicated costumes from the original film, and scouted locations that gave off that distinct Haddonfield vibe.

“It should be noted that the production had virtually no budget, and was a true labor of love for all involved,” the filmmakers said.

Check out the teaser trailer for yourself above, and visit the filmmakers’ website to see and learn more.

[h/t: Bloody Disgusting]