Australia's 'Hottest Burger' Comes With a Health Waiver and Safety Goggles

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The Double Decker Death Wish on the menu at Burger Urge in Australia lives up to its name. As Newshub reports, the dish is served with gloves and goggles, and the restaurant requires that diners sign a waiver before they dig in.

The item, which the chain has dubbed "the hottest burger in Australia," made its limited-time debut at all 26 Burger Urge locations the first week of July. The burger's fiery reputation comes from the ghost pepper sauce—the heat level is so intense that cooks have to wear goggles and gloves while preparing it.

The sauce is served on two Angus beef patties. Habaneros and jalapeños also up the spice factor, while maple bacon, cheese, pickles, tomato, and lettuce provide some relief.

Burger Urge managing director Sean Carthew told The Northern Star that "The Double Decker Death Wish is unlike anything people are selling," but companies have been using crazy-hot food to appeal to thrill-seekers for a while. Last year, Paqui Chips released their Carolina Reaper Madness chip, made from the former record holder for the hottest pepper. The chips were released one at a time in tiny, coffin-shaped packages.

[h/t Newshub]