Tearing Up

In this episode of SciShow, Hank Green explains our tears.


She Built A Nice Life

Rachel Giordano was only a few years old when she appeared in a popular Lego print ad. After the ad gained new attention recently online, she was tracked down. See what she’s doing now.


Just Like In the Movies

Every line of dialog in this short film is also the name of a movie.


Be the Goat

I’m not referring to the acronym that stands for “Greatest of all time.” No, I’m referring to an actual goat. This game will make it happen.


It Wasn’t That Much Pain and Suffering

A group of people sued over the emotional distress caused by Michael Jackson’s death, and they actually won. But they didn’t win much.


Well That’s Embarrassing

The only thing more embarrassing than being embarrassed is paying to be embarrassed. These products cost money, and then humiliate you. Although, I know someone who swears by number eight.


It Flaps No More

Here’s the complete story of the all-too-short life of Flappy Bird. And here are 10 other games that could help you fill the void.