What We’re Missing

This article is exactly right. The Winter Olympics need human bowling. I’d watch that.


Winner By Default

Thank you to this Imgur post for reminding me about the amazing tale of Steven Bradbury, who won gold in the 2002 Winter Olympics because every other person in the race fell down right before the finish line.


This Man Makes Alcohol

No, he’s not brewing beer in his basement. He has a medical condition that quite literally creates alcohol inside his body. Before you get jealous, read about what it’s like living that way.


Clever Crow

I have enough people making me feel dumb. I don’t need crows to be smarter than me, too. This bird can solve puzzles.


You Know It Was A 3-Hour Tour

But here are 17 things you didn’t know about Gilligan’s Island.


If You Hate Valentine’s Day...

You’ll want to visit the history of Valentine's Day hate mail.