Stuff At the Shack

This Radio Shack catalog from 1973 is a treasure trove of technical marvels. The label maker is really cool and futuristic, but I personally want the home lie detector kit. It’s great for parties.


Be Smart With Your Heart

A few of the adorable Dumb Ways to Die characters are back for a brief Valentine’s Day cameo.


O, R They?

Check out 30 things learned by watching Wes Anderson’s Rushmore Blue-Ray commentary.


An App For That: Going On the Road

This app will let you recreate Jack Kerouac’s trek.


This Is Somewhat Topical

He’s Russian. He plays a winter sport. You get it. In this video Alex Ovechkin shows off his remarkable accuracy.


Alright, Let’s Get This Over With

Here are 26 of Hollywood’s most romantic movie moments in rapid succession. It’s only 90 seconds.


For Your Lazy Day Off

If you have Monday off, why not sit around and watch an entire TV series start to finish? Here are a bunch of great, but short-lived series you can start and finish that day.