The Canadians-Only Beer Fridge in Sochi

Lucas Reilly
@Molson_Canadian / @Molson_Canadian

Everybody’s (OK, every Canuck’s) favorite beer fridge is back! This time, it’s making its Olympic debut.

Back in October, we highlighted Molson’s marketing campaign to build a Canadian-only beer fridge. Stocked to the gills with swill, the only way to open the fridge is by scanning a Canadian passport. A special webcam and computer inside the cooler analyzes each document, and when the passport is truly Canadian, it unlocks the suds inside.

The folks at Molson set up the cherry-red refrigerator at Sochi’s Canada House in the Olympic Village. Not surprisingly, the athletes have been taking advantage of it, although Molson’s spokesperson Forest Kenney hasn’t commented how much free booze has been guzzled down. We imagine the amount could be high. Team Canada has had lots of reasons to celebrate: They’ve already picked up four gold medals so far.

[Via @Molson_Canadian/Mashable]