Temple Grandin: Stairway to Heaven

Chris Higgins
YouTube / OriginalMindTrick
YouTube / OriginalMindTrick / YouTube / OriginalMindTrick

Temple Grandin is autistic. Her brain works differently from that of most people, and she uses that difference in her work with cattle. Grandin was the subject of an HBO biopic, gave a terrific TED Talk on her work, and wrote the book Thinking in Pictures. Years ago, Grandin was interviewed by documentarian Errol Morris for his TV show First Person. The interview shows Grandin's famous squeeze machine, and offers an excellent introduction to her work. Have a look.

Part 1

Introduction and the squeeze machine.

Part 2

Optical illusions! Near death experiences! Vatican City! Why curves matter to cows!

Part 3

"I know what it's like to feel fearful and scared." Plus, the distinction between linguistic thinking and visual thinking.

For a detailed discussion of this mini-documentary, check out Errol Morris is Not Apophenia.

If you liked that, there's TONS MORE in the DVD set of the show: Errol Morris' First Person - The Complete Series. (The discs are also on Netflix if you still do the DVD thing.)