Colorful Ways to Die

If you have money to burn and like thinking about terrible ways you might meet your demise, you can donate to this Kickstarter project.


Rethinking the World

These 57 fascinating maps will change a lot of different things you thought you understood about our world.


Oh, and About Our World…

A study has revealed that 1 in 4 Americans don’t know the Earth revolves around the Sun. They must think they’re the center of the universe.


Actual Underwoods

You’d think that actual members of Congress would go out of their way to avoid being compared to or associated with Francis Underwood from House of Cards. Apparently not all of them would.


Power Laces, Alright!

That could be you saying that—NEXT YEAR! Or so says a Nike designer.


Someone Must Have Said His Name Three Times

Beetlejuice seems like he may be on his way back to the living world.


Don’t Mind If I Do

This headline says it all: Step Into A World of Tiny Robots & Colorful Donuts. Yes please.