The First Rule of Fight Club Is You Do Not Talk About Fred Durst

Why are these 8 secret video game characters even there?


Break That Piggy Bank

The IRS targeted a 5-year old. So he wrote them a letter, and it’s great.


Sad Clown

There is a clown shortage. I repeat, a clown shortage. Coulrophobics rejoice.


Things We’re Supposed to be Scared Of

Maybe we aren’t supposed to tremble at the sight of clowns. But we are supposed to fear these things.


Today I Learned on Reddit’s Today I Learned

North Korea has a very particular social media preference.


Man Vs. Machine To Be Settled

Over a ping pong table. The Earth will shake.


Time Is Money

Are you a chronic alarm clock snoozer? Maybe you want to give this clock a try. It charges you money everytime you push the Snooze button.