Inside the Criterion Film Restoration Lab

Vimeo / Gizmodo
Vimeo / Gizmodo / Vimeo / Gizmodo

In this short film, Gizmodo shows us how the folks at Criterion make their famous Criterion Collection editions. The process includes scanning the negative, color correcting that scan, fixing visual issues (scratches and gunk on the negative), cleaning up audio, and finally making the packaging. In this case, the team is working on Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent. If you're a movie nerd like me, you'll dig this. Enjoy:

The resulting Criterion Collection edition of Foreign Correspondent is now available, in all its restored glory! For more on how Criterion works, check out How Criterion Restored Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much and How Criterion is Going Hi-Def (on that last one, you'll recognize the audio room from the video above).

(Via Devour.)